The bath category includes all the necessary items for a baby's bath time, such as baby bathtub accessories, towels & flannels, and oral care. It also offers products for hair, body, and skincare, as well as items for toilet training and tables. 

Bathtub and accessories

Looking for a baby bathtub and accessories? Check out our bath sets and tubs, designed to make bath time easy and fun for you and your little one. 

We also offer a range of bath toys to keep them entertained while you clean them up and bath seats and supports to keep them safe and comfortable. And for those who need extra help with changing, we have changing stations, mats and stands to make the process quick and stress-free. 

Shop now and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable bath time with your baby.

Hair, Body, Skin

For parents looking for high-quality hair, body, and skin care products for their little ones, our selection includes everything you need. Our baby shampoos and conditioners are gentle yet effective, and our body washes and soaps are formulated with natural ingredients to avoid irritation. 

Our lotions, creams, and oils will keep your baby's skin soft and supple, and our grooming products are perfect for taking care of their delicate hair and nails. 

In addition, we even offer perfumes made specifically for babies, so your little one can smell as sweet as they look. 

Trust us to provide only the best products for your baby's delicate skin!

Towels and Flannels

Baby towels and flannels are essential for keeping your little one clean and comfortable after bath time. 

Soft and absorbent baby towels are great for drying delicate skin without irritating it, while washcloths are suitable for gently cleansing their face and body. 

You can also find cosy and cute bathrobes to keep them warm and snuggly after a bath. 

With various colours and designs available, you can choose the perfect set to match your nursery decor.

Oral Care

Baby oral care is essential to maintaining good hygiene for infants and toddlers. 

Toothbrushes and floss designed for babies' delicate teeth and gums can help prevent cavities and promote healthy oral development.

Baby-friendly toothpaste and mouthwash can also aid in cleaning and protecting their teeth and gums.


Baby tables provide a safe and comfortable place to change your baby's diaper. Our changing tables come with multiple storage options; some even convert into dressers or storage units when your child outgrows them.