Whether you are a new mother or expectant, Baby Fair offers extensive products to cater for your needs! In this category, you can find a range of products such as skin care products, maternity clothes, nursing essentials, bags, and health and nutrition supplements. These products aim to provide comfort and support for mothers during and after pregnancy and promote their health and well-being. 

Skin Care

Our Mother's skincare section offers a range of products that cater to the specific needs of a mother's skin, including facial care, body care, breast care, and sun care. 

These products are designed to nourish and protect the skin from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, such as stretch marks and dryness. Many of these products are made with natural and organic ingredients, making them safe and gentle for both mother and baby. Moreover, regularly using these skin care products can help mothers feel more confident and comfortable in their skin.


Bags are an essential accessory for every mother, and our collection includes many options. Our fashion bags are perfect for everyday use, while our gym bags are great for carrying baby essentials. 

In addition, our sling bags are stylish and functional, allowing for hands-free movement, and pouches are perfect for keeping small items organised and easy to find. No matter your style or needs, we have a bag that will work for you!

Health and Nutrition 

The health & nutrition of a mother is important during and after pregnancy. At Baby Fair, various vitamins and supplements, such as folic acid and prenatal vitamins, are available to help maintain a healthy pregnancy. Additionally, our sports nutrition and fitness products can benefit postpartum recovery and overall health. 

Note: Mothers must consult their healthcare provider before taking supplements or starting a new fitness routine.


Our ‘Nursing’ is a category of products designed to aid in breastfeeding. It typically includes nursing bras, which offer support and easy access for breastfeeding, and nursing pillows, which can help position the baby comfortably during feeding.

Maternity Clothes

We also offer maternity clothing designed to provide comfort and support to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. Tops, t-shirts, and vests come in various styles and fabrics to accommodate a growing belly.  Bottom wear includes maternity jeans, leggings, and skirts with stretchy waistbands. 

Furthermore, maternity shoes offer support and comfort to swollen feet. Activewear includes maternity-friendly yoga pants and workout tops, whereas  Lingerie and sleepwear are designed to provide extra support and comfort during pregnancy. 

We also offer winter wear, including maternity coats and jackets, to keep expecting moms warm. In addition, our shapewear and maternity belts also support the growing belly and lower back.