Want to explore accessories for your baby's outdoor activities? At the Baby fair, you can find various accessories such as bikes and Trikes, scooters, and ride-on toys. Moreover, you can also opt for baby toys for beach, garden and camping activities!

Bikes and Tries 

Toddler bikes and trikes are an excellent way to introduce young children to the joy of cycling. 

From baby bicycles and tricycles to toddler-balanced bikes, many options are available to suit different ages and skill levels. 

In addition to the bikes, there is also a range of protective gear and helmets designed to protect your children while riding. 

We also offer Toddler bike accessories, such as baskets and bells, which can add extra fun and functionality to your child’s riding experience. 

Whether your child is just starting or is already a confident rider, there is a toddler bike or trike to suit their needs.

Ride-On toys

Toddler ride-on toys offer a fun and exciting way for children to develop balance, coordination, and motor skills. 

Powered ride-on toys, including electric cars and motorbikes, give your kids the thrill of driving while learning essential control and safety skills. 

Manual ride-on, such as balance bikes and scooters, offer a more active approach to play and help toddlers develop their gross motor skills. 

 Moreover, Go carts, drifters, and hoverboards offer a unique riding experience and are perfect for more adventurous toddlers. At the same time, push cars and wagons provide a comfortable and safe ride for your younger children. 

Beach & Water

Get ready for summer fun with our collection of baby swimming pools, beach & sand toys, pool toys, inflatables, and swim accessories!

Our colourful and durable beach and sand toys keep your little ones entertained for hours, whereas baby swimming pools are perfect for safely introducing your little ones to the water.

In addition, you may choose from our selection of swim aids and accessories to help your little ones feel confident in the water. And don't forget our pool toys and inflatables, perfect for hours of fun in the sun!

Garden & Lounge

Our baby garden and lounge category has everything you need to create a comfortable outdoor space for your little one. 

 There are plenty of seating options, from outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables to bean bags and loungers. 

You can also find umbrellas & canopies to provide shade on sunny days and garden accessories to add fun and colour to your outdoor space! Moreover, these products can create a relaxing and fun environment for your baby to play and explore in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Play Equipment 

Finding some outdoor play accessories for your little one? 

Our outdoor play category offers a range of fun and exciting activities to keep your child entertained outside. 

We have something for every age group, from baby outdoor swings and slides to seesaws and inflatable bouncers. 

Our sandboxes and water play tables provide sensory play, while play tents offer a cosy hideaway. 

Furthermore, we offer outdoor games like hopscotch and ring toss to encourage physical activity and improve coordination. 

All products at Baby Fair are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety during your baby's outdoor playtime!

Sports & Camping 

Our sports and camping section provides a range of equipment for babies and toddlers to enjoy outdoor activities. 

This includes sports equipment like soccer balls and basketball hoops and camping gear like tents and sleeping bags for little children.


Our Baby scooters are a fun and exciting way to keep your little one active and entertained. 

Our collection includes manual and electric scooters and various helmet and protective gear options to keep your child safe while they ride. 

With bright colours and fun designs, our scooters are the perfect choice for toddlers and young children eager to explore the world around them adventurously!